Bohaag is making the finest, first flush Assam tea available to international customers in 2 weeks, farm to cup.

Sarup, Bohaag's founder wanted the emblem to be modern, yet with a hint of subculture and evoke the feeling of desire for something rare, playing on the seasonal nature of the finest Assam tea.

Bohaag isn't just about great tea, it's also a medium to showcase the vibrant culture of Assam to the world.
Here's an interesting background on the logo.

My initial exploration focused heavily on traditional Assamese
garments and patterns. When I got further, the result had cute, calm
and tender personalities — quite far from our original goal.

On the second pass, I was enthused as I learnt more about the most critical prop
during Bohaag festivities — the Japi.

Structurally, Japi comprises cane staff and tokou leaves tied together. Japi creators use a structure of bamboo with six appendages of cane stuck to it. So I designed the logo with 6 triangles and 6 tails to symbolise the Japi.